An Opportunity to Help a Dynamics 365 & Power Platform Community Star

I want to let you know about someone who represents the very best of our community and who needs your help today.

Over the last16 years in working with Microsoft Dynamics, I have been fortunate enough to personally meet thousands of people in the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform community. From partners to customers, developers to low code advocates, they are the most creative, passionate, funny and often wacky individuals. We are all lucky to have a community that is so rich and diverse, and unfailingly generous.

Britta Rekstad, aka @MacGyverCRM, embodies all of the best things about our community. If you don’t know her, let me tell you that she is in fact the only really humble Microsoft MVP you will ever come across. She is not a self-promoter. In fact, she is a promoter of others. I was most impressed when I learned a few years ago how she had given up many lucrative opportunities that came her way as a skilled MVP so that she could focus on mentoring and training women who had no IT background and who had encountered difficult circumstances. Britta was passionate about her mission to help these women build a career and a rewarding life by introducing them to the technology and the community that we all love.

She is not a self-promoter. In fact, she is a promoter of others.

I knew that Britta had been fighting a challenging battle with a rare illness, but until a couple of months ago I did not realize how it had worsened to the point that it has all but taken her out of action in our community and drained away her finances. As a community we are all poorer for it.

She has some close friends who have set up a CaringBridge site where you can learn more, but I want to personally challenge you to take a few minutes, get out your bank card, and donate on her gofundme page. If you have benefited from this amazing community, now is your chance to give back.

Published by Matt Wittemann

Sr. Technology Specialist, Microsoft Former 16-time Microsoft MVP

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