Add Custom Fonts to Dynamics Marketing Designers

Out of the box, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing’s email and page designers include only web-safe fonts – the ones that no marketer ever has wanted to use:

Boring web-safe fonts

Here’s how to add custom fonts and make them show up in the drop-down so your users can work with them easily.

TIP: Do this in the Email Template or Marketing Page Template so that when your users use one of those templates to begin designing a new email or page, they’ll automatically have the new font.

STEP 1: Get the embed code for your custom font. I like Google’s Font library – lots to choose from and easy to get the embed code. We need the <link> code below:

Add this <link> code to the head block in your template’s HTML:

STEP TWO: Add the <meta> tag that turns on additional fonts.

The code to add looks like this:

<meta type="xrm/designer/setting" name="additional-fonts" datatype="font" value="<font-list>">

In the value attribute, we just need to list our custom font or fonts, separating them by a semi-colon:

<meta type="xrm/designer/setting" name="additional-fonts" datatype="font" value="Roboto">

Then add this in the head block of your template’s HTML, like this:

That’s it! Now your template will have your custom font available for your users:

Published by Matt Wittemann

MVP, Microsoft Business Applications Senior Solution Architect Author, speaker and trainer

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